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2023 Tickets


Tier 2 tickets are now on sale. We'll move to Tier 3 at slightly higher prices when these sell out.

(Just for info, if you've purchased tickets before, you may find the system slightly different as we've changed our ticketing partner.)

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2023 Tier 2 Tickets On Sale Now

Individual tickets​:

  • Weekend Extra tickets, admitting you Thursday to Sunday

  • Weekend tickets, admitting you from Friday to Sunday

  • Camping tickets, which are now "per-person"

  • Campsite Vehicle tickets, for those with camping tickets

  • Day tickets, for a single day only (no camping). 


Camping is only available for those with Weekend or Weekend Extra tickets. Campsite checkout is midday Monday.  Camping tickets are per person (rather than per pitch) with additional tickets for vehicles.

Cars and live-in vehicles:

There are separate tickets for vehicles on the campsite (each person camping also needs a camping ticket).

  • Motorhome or caravan ticket: motorhomes include anything larger than a VW T5 or equivalent. A caravan ticket covers a single car as well.

  • Campervan ticket: for anything T5 sized or smaller.

  • Car campsite access ticket: if you wish to drive onto the campsite, either to unload or to park next to your tent.

You can park your car next to your tent but for safety reasons you shouldn't then move it over the weekend. If you wish to use your car over the weekend and have a car campsite access ticket, you can unload next to your tent/caravan but you must move it to the car park immediately after unloading.

  • There is no access to the campsite for any vehicle without one of the above tickets.

  • There's a new car park at the foot of the campsite, where campers can park free. If you don't have a campsite car pass you can park here and you'll need to carry your gear to your pitch. Cars parked here can enter and leave the site throughout the weekend

  • There is no separate charge for tents.

  • There is also a separate free car park next to the box office, for day visitors or any other cars.

*** Glamping is available, as an add-on for those with Weekend or Weekend Extra tickets and camping tickets HERE ***


Under 12s are free, but require a pass so that we can issue wristbands.

Discounted youth tickets are available for 12-17 year olds.


Discounted weekend family entry tickets are for up to 2 adults and 2 youths.

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Carers: if you cannot access the festival without a carer, please see here

Before purchase, please see our terms and conditions.

There is a 5% transaction charge applied at checkout covering costs for admin and third-party costs of ticketing and payment handling. 


If there are any questions, please email

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You'll see we've increased prices for the first time since 2019 which is helping to cover some big increases in our costs. We've tried to keep this to a minimum and most people will see an increase less than inflation.

Tickets Now on Sale

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