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Tarren and Lauren South Announced

"Tarren delivers a hearty, tub-thumping delight that should establish their place as festival favourites for as long as they fancy keeping it up. Expect virtuosity, frenetic tunes, and one or two traditional songs that seem fitting for our uneven times" Trad Folk.

Bristol-based Tarren are an ambassador for high quality, English Folk music. Sid Goldsmith, Alex Garden and Danny Pedler incorporate minimalist musical forms into traditional-inspired material, producing music that draws the listener in, weaving intricate themes throughout tunes and songs that have the pulse of traditional dance at its heart.

Lauren South has visited GTSF before and it's great to have her back in 2023.

"Enthralling, intricate, pure crystal vocal lines… some of the most beautifully melodic vocal lines I’ve heard"

The Woodman Folk Club

Not long until Christmas, and during the break we'll be looking to email potential traders. If you know of any who might be encouraged to apply please ask them to email

Also, a festival ticket would make a great present don't you think? Visit the ticket page and make someone in your life very happy!

That's all for now,

The GTSF Team


4th to 7th July 2024

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