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Stewarding Applications are now open

It's time to fill-in the application for stewarding 2023. If you've not tried it before, it's a great opportunity to join the festival team, work a few hours and enjoy the rest of the festival for free.

There are spaces to fill in the set-up team (Monday to Thursday); the take-down team (Sunday evening to Tuesday) where you are free pretty much right across the festival; and of course the main weekend team. More on each of the teams below.

Please complete the application form even if you've stewarded with us in previous years.

You need a digital photo of yourself to upload as part of the form. This can be a straightforward phone photo as long as it's mostly head and shoulders.

Weekend Stewards

Weekend Stewards work over the 4 days of the festival. The jobs are very varied. You could be working in the performance arena, around the site, on gate control, in the campsite, or in town on Saturday when there is a dance procession, or behind the bar. You'll be able to express preferences when you apply, though we cannot guarantee everyone gets the positions they prefer.

Set-up Stewards

The set-up team work prior to the event to help with the set-up. You will need to be available from Monday to the Thursday in the run up to the festival. The team works approximately 9am until 5pm each day (Thursday will only be until about midday). We provide tea, coffee and lunch. Volunteers need to be mobile and reasonably physically fit to carry out this work. You get the whole festival free though!

Take-down Stewards

This is the team that assists the Site Crew with the clearing up process after the Festival. There will be one short duty on Sunday evening to start clearing the Arena Area, but the bulk of the work is on Monday and Tuesday (you must be available right through to 5pm on Tuesday). You can camp in the Stewards' area or with the Site Crew and Set Up Team. We ask these stewards to pay a bond of £100 (roughly equivalent to an early bird ticket) by cheque. This will be cashed before the festival. You'll be fully reimbursed in cash once the clear-down is complete. The main benefits of being on this team are that you can enjoy the whole Festival and appreciate the beautiful site in all its natural glory on Tuesday afternoon.


4th to 7th July 2024

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