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Richard Smith, Saturday 21st October

As well as Daniel Rodriguez and his band on Saturday 18th November, we can now announce the brilliant guitarist Richard Smith playing on Saturday 21st October. Tickets for both are on sale now here.

Nashville-based, English, award winning guitarist, Richard Smith has been touring internationally for over 30 years

The most amazing guy I know on the guitar. He can play anything I know, only better

Chet Atkins, CGP (music legend)

If you like my playing, you should hear Richard Smith! The world champion!

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP (two-time Grammy nominee)

Guitar playing at its finest. Don’t miss this one

Doyle Dykes (thumbpicking wizard)

He is one of the world’s greatest guitarists

Muriel Anderson (All-Star Guitar Night)

Playing the HopBarn, just outside Southwell, which is a lovely venue, all seated and with plenty of parking.

Buy tickets for both gigs here.

Exciting news about the 2024 festival coming very soon, watch this space!

The GTSF Team


3rd to 6th July 2025

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