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Gates Open Tomorrow

If you're getting ready for GTSF in the next day or three then here's some important information.

There is a guide to getting here and lots more key information on the info pages of the website here.

The outlook on BBC Weather shows that the forecast temperature has come down for the weekend (though it has increased for Monday onwards).

Thursday to Saturday look great now, but Sunday is looking very hot at 30°C so please remember your water bottles, and appropriate protection (including maybe a parasol or brolly). We've arranged for some extra shade near the food traders and Children's Tent, and at the Boathouse Bar at the back of the main stage. There's also extra covered seating at the main bar this year. We've also extended the cover for the Folk Stage. We have plenty of water on site and we're looking to set up an outdoor cold shower by the lake. Please be aware though and take appropriate precautions.

As for the site build - that's getting to the final stages now (no pun intended) - here's some pictures:

See you soon

The GTSF team


4th to 7th July 2024

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