Workshops 2019




17:10 – 18:00 Katie Spencer’s Open D Guitar Workshop

Katie’s guitar style has often been likened to that of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. In this workshop she will be discussing and demonstrating the wonderful world of open D tuning. This workshop is open to players of all levels, who are wanting to immerse themselves into creative guitar playing.


Children’s Marquee

Children’s Arts & Crafts Workshops

Various Times (see blackboard for details)- Children's Arts and Crafts Workshops. Each day Becky and her team will lead the kids, painting, gluing, sticking and taping, making lots of fun stuff and things to hold shake or wear on Sunday’s parade!



Saturday 8th



10:00-10:50 Dave Wilson Songwriters Forum   

 Whether you’re a fully fledged songwriter or merely aspiring, this daily workshop is for you with special guests each day starting with Nancy Kerr.


11:00-11:50 Kim Edgar: Ways Into Songwriting - simple techniques to support your songwriting process.


Are you looking for advice on how to begin songwriting? Or more experienced, but keen to further develop your techniques? Drawing on advice from other writers, Edinburgh based songwriter Kim Edgar shares tools (not rules!) that she has found useful, and demonstrates with examples - hopefully you'll find them useful, too!


12:00-12:50 Eliza Marshall African Tunes for Whistle and Flute Ranagri’s Eliza Marshall has travelled extensively and played to the highest level at many international venues. Working with African tunes she has collected, this workshop will focus on the possibilities of improvisation with world music as a source and the unusual techniques this allows. Expect some infectious rhythms, unforgettable melodies and engaging ensemble work… and some unique material to add to your repertoire! Suitable for whistle and flute players of all abilities.


15.10 – 16.20 Tune Workshops- Improvers Session

Tuneworks have been organising beginners' and improvers' sessions at festivals since 2007, because they think playing music together is the best thing in the world. They support and encourage people who can play their instruments a bit but don't know the tunes, are shy of joining sessions, don't know how to start, or just want to have a go. 

'Improvers' sessions use more tunes, a little faster, but not as fast as the speed you'll encounter in most sessions. If you know a few tunes and  want to learn more, gain confidence and  to play with others for the love of it, this is for you. 


Barleycorn Marquee

11.30- 12.30 Tune Workshops Beginners Session

In 'Beginners' sessions you learn common session tunes by ear as well as from written music - you don't have to be able to read music to join in. Tunes are played lots of times, very slowly, and with lots of encouragement. By the end of the session you'll be able to play a few tunes on your own.

15:00 to 17:00
Irish Session with Chris Sherburn & Emily Sanders and Kate Perrey

17.00-18.00 Folk Camps Party band Instrumental Workshop
An all Inclusive multi generational, multi ability workshop for all instruments led by Jenny Newman and Andy Glass. This will be aimed at all levels of technical and musical ability and is definitely not just for beginners although they can be accommodated. It is definitely not just for kids although they can be accommodated too! Great tunes (learnt by ear or from dots depending on preference), traditional tunes which can be put together with easy rhythmic or improvised parts.


Filly & Folk Inn

11:30-12.20 Flossie Malavialle ‘Raining Cats & Dogs’

A fun and informative workshop about English expressions and proverbs seen from a French perspective. Expressions and colloquialisms in a foreign language are some of the most difficult things to get to grips with and can very often lead to misunderstanding and confusion when translated word for word. Flossie explores examples she has learnt whilst living in England and offers some colourful French equivalents This is not a singing workshop but you will be encouraged to participate!


Children’s Marquee

11:00- 12:00 Children’s Band Workshop. Beginner’s workshops Saturday & Sunday will provide guidance and the chance to try a variety of simple instruments. Whistles, bodhrans, mini melodeons and ukuleles will be available to play.

Various Times Children's Arts and Crafts Workshops. (see above)




Sunday 9th



10:00 – 10:50- Ranagri - Arranging Contemporary Folk Music. This workshop will provide an insight in to the process of writing and arranging folk music. Ranagri will teach one of their arrangements to the group and whilst doing so, break it down and explain it. Suitable for all instruments.


11.00 – 11.50 Nancy Kerr Fiddle Workshop

Nancy is one of the most celebrated folk musicians of her generation and an experienced teacher of traditional music and song. Focusing on repertoire and style, Nancy will share some tunes from varied backgrounds that contain interesting fiddle “bits”, and will also look at some of the different ways people learn music and how we can build on our skills. Players will explore how we can use bowing, ornaments, dynamic and rhythm to make our playing “swing” and discuss other techniques that help us become expressive solo and group players. All questions welcome!


12.00 - 12.50  Songwriters Forum with guest Blue Rose Code


15.10-16.20 Tune Workshops- Improvers Session (See Saturday) 


Barleycorn Marquee

11.30 -12.30 Tune Workshops Beginners Session (See Saturday)



10.:30-11.20 Korrontzi- Basque Dance Workshop.  Come along and learn from the finest folk band in Euskadi how to dance Basque style and then put your newly found skills to good use at their afternoon performance.

11:30-12:20 Sarah Savoy Traditional Cajun Dance Workshop

Bring your boots or take off your shoes and learn to dance to Cajun music the way they do in Louisiana. This workshop is easy and appropriate for all ages. Learn to waltz, two-step and jitterbug Louisiana-style!


​13:00-14:00 Folk Camps party Band Workshop (See Saturday)

Children’s Marquee

11.00- 12.30 Children’s Band Workshop (see above)

Various Times Children's Arts and Crafts Workshops. (see above)



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