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Whiskey Moon Face

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Whiskey Moon Face met in the streets of London and have enjoyed playing all sorts of music together including old time jazz and Dakota Jim's own original songs inspired from his life as fisherman and carpenter. Whiskey Moon Face is their band of all original songs written by Louisa Jones and improvised upon by Ewan Bleach and Dakota Jim. There are elements of Eastern European traditional & klezmer music, old-time New Orleans jazz and their own unique take on contemporary folk music. What results is a superbly realised, truly beautiful, and utterly original sound.

"To describe Whiskey Moon Face as an alternative folk group doesn´t even begin to do justice to the breadth of inspiration and style in their music. Based around double bass, accordian, and clarinet, they´re led by the superb vocals and hallucinatory lyrics of singer Louisa Jones. Capable of being both ear-to-ear-grinningly entertaining and profoundly moving"

Folk and Honey

3rd to 6th July 2025

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