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Become a Steward

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Apply to become a Festival Steward!

As a not-for-profit company run by volunteers, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to become stewards at the event. If you've not tried it before, it's a great opportunity to join the festival team, work a few hours and enjoy the rest of the festival for free.

If you fancy it, then please read the explanation below, and then click the link to fill in a questionnaire which asks which team you'd like to join and some relevant questions about any previous experience. Lots of people come back year after year, but we welcome first-timers with open arms.

Even if you have stewarded with us before, we still need you to complete the form to register for this year's festival.

There are three stewarding teams, but only Weekend and Take-down have space left for 2024. If you would like to add your name to a reserve list for Set-up, please complete the application form and note this in the "any other info" box.

Weekend Stewards
You will be required to work a total of betweeen 12 and 15 hours, between Thursday and Sunday, working one longer or two shorter shifts over 3 of the 4 days . You may work longer if preferred and reduce the number of days at work. Priority will be given to those who can arrive on Thursday and who will still be available on Sunday night. The more flexible your requirements the easier it is for us to achieve your requests.

Duties may fall at any time of the day from 8am but not after 1am. You will be expected to do at least one morning, one afternoon and one evening shift over the weekend. It may not be possible to fully meet your requests for certain areas of duty but we try to accommodate your preferences.

Stewards will all work with a Team Leader or organiser. The Team Leader is responsible for a specific area/location/venue. If you are interested in being a team leader please let us know when we ask about previous experience in the form below. Team leaders may have to work longer hours.

Set-up Stewards (now full)
The set up will commence at 9am on the Monday before the festival, until around midday on Thursday. There will also be places for a few people who cannot arrive first thing on Monday who can then help until later on Thursday. If you would like to add your name to a reserve list for Set-up, please complete the application form and note this in the "any other info" box. NOW FULL


Take-down Stewards (now full)

This will commence on the evening of Sunday through to and including Tuesday at 5pm (you must be available right through). A bond of £150 required, which will be returned when you have completed your task at 5pm on Tuesday.  

Set-up and take-down are both more physically demanding and will involve a degree of lifting and carrying. NOW FULL

Apply Now!

Please read the terms and conditions here before applying, then click on the link below to fill in the form. You will need to upload a selfie or passport-style photo so we know who you are, so please have that ready before opening the form.

Please complete one form per applicant. If there are 2 of you applying together or if there are other applicants you wish to work closely with, there is a box to complete towards the end of the form.



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4th to 7th July 2024

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