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Reuben & the Bridge


Reuben and The Bridge are a charismatic duo from West Yorkshire, who make well-crafted, folk-tinged arrangements of an eclectic repertoire drawn from the last sixty years. They also perform their own compelling compositions, drawing from their diverse musical influences. They got a great reception here in 2023, and so it's fantastic to welcome them back this year.

Bridget’s mother was Irish and she was immersed into a musical world from a young age. Taking up the violin aged four, she also learnt to play piano and various other instruments, which led to her becoming a music teacher.

Reuben has always loved to perform. He was a cathedral chorister in his hometown of Bradford. He later took up acoustic guitar, being heavily influenced by the local folk scene.

The duo have been performing together for the past five years (after meeting on a dating website!). Reuben brings his guitar and warm and powerful lead vocals, while Bridget brings her own style of both lyrical and fiery fiddle playing, as well as haunting harmony vocals. They play all kinds of venues and are known for making strong connections with their audiences.

4th to 7th July 2024

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