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We started this festival in 2007, and have run every year apart from 2020. Here's the line up for them all. Some well known names have played here, including Clannad, Billy Bragg, Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Lindisfarne, and Gretchen Peters, plus some of the biggest names in UK and Irish folk music.


Raghu Dixit Project (India), Dog Show Sessions, Seth Lakeman, Nine Below Zero, Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, London Afrobeat Collective, Tom Russell (USA), The Kris Drever Band, Martin Harley Band, John Smith Trio, Martyn Joseph, Kabantu, Track Dogs (Spain), Jake Blount, Hoth Brothers (USA), Veronica Sbergia & Max De Bernardi (Italy), Rory McLeod, Gatehouse (Ire), NoGood Boyo, Bonfire Radicals, Winter Wilson, Tarren, The Activators, Stone Jets (S.Africa), The Brothers Gillespie, Jon Doran & the Northern Assembly, Thorpe & Morrison, Lasair, Juniper, Helian, Good Habits, Keith Donnelly, Isabel Inkcap Trio, Morton Valence, Alistair Russell, Lauren South, The Rye Sisters, George Boomsma, Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh, Louise Rogan, Gaelforce, Foreign Affairs, Reuben & the Bridge, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Jason McNiff, Rogue Embers, Francesca Louise, Becky Syson, Paul Carbuncle, Higgs Bo'sun, Caistorways, Emily Ashberry, David Eagle, Dan the Hat, Nutty Noah, The Terrible Parents, Jonny Awsum, Mark Fraser, Benny & Noelle, Robert Hickman, Spikey Mike, Rhyddian Hapgood


Dervish (Ire), Le Vent du Nord (Canada), Peat & Diesel, Ian Siegal, The Spooky Men's Chorale (Aus), Katherine Priddy, While & Matthews, Blackbeard's Tea Party, Truckstop Honeymoon (USA), Noble Jacks, The Trials of Cato, Merry Hell, India Electric Co., Black Water County, Rory Butler, Pete Morton, Filkin’s Ensemble, Jacob & Drinkwater, Daniel Smith Blues Band, Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe, Kyla Brox, Katie Spencer, Fellow Pynins (USA), Honey & The Bear, Steve Tilston, Keith Donnelly, The Shackleton Trio, Winter Wilson, Pedler//Russell, Helian, Jez Lowe, David Eagle, Louis Louis Louis, Greg Russell, The Rogue Embers, Rum Ram Ruff, Fritillaries, Thorpe & Morrison, Seth Bye Trio, Filkin’s Drift, Lauren South, Huson-Whyte, Paul Carbuncle, James Taplin, Smith & Donnelly, The Rye Sisters, Chris Bain, Wychbury, Ben Matthews & Niamh Flynn, Alana Middleton & Ruben Maric, Andrew Bird,  Notts Youth Jazz Orchestra, Eva Väljaots (Est) & Robbie Sherratt, Becky Syson, Big Red & the Grinners, Malc Slate & Rhydian Hapgood, Phil Ashmore & the Unit 5, Dolby Gang, Boutones, Daniel Hartshorn, Robby Singh, Liam Johnson, Mark Frazer Storyteller, James the Jester


The Young'uns, Gigspanner Big Band, Spiers & Boden, Anxo Lorenzo Band (Spain), The Breath, Ímar, Blair Dunlop Band, Chris Wood, Talisk, Edgelarks, The Henry Girls (Ire), Knight & Spiers, Damien O'Kane, David Kosky and Cormac Byrne, Maroon Town, The Jellyman's Daughter, Banter, Track Dogs, Reg Meuross, Harbottle & Jonas, The Activators, Winter Wilson, Rodney Branigan, Tom Lewis, The Wilderness Yet, Keith Donnelly, The Last Inklings, Stone Jets (South Africa), Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson, Banjo Jen, Iona Lane Band, The Maitree Express, The Rogue Embers, Amelia Coburn, Jessie Reid, The Rye Sisters, Rainy Day Woman, Manière des Bohémiens, Thorpe & Morrison, Ellie Gowers, Janice Burns & Jon Doran, Dan The Hat, Walk the Lines Storytelling, As The Heron, James Taplin, Louis Croft, Ellie Owen, Malc Slate Experience, Huson-Whyte, Starscreen, Boutones, The Food Doctors


Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Los Pacaminos feat. Paul Young, Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys, Skipinnish, Blue Rose Code, Nancy Kerr, Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys (Can), Korrontzi (Spain), Sarah Savoy Band (France), Otway & Barrett, Calan, JigJam (Ire), Jim Causley, 3 Daft Monkeys, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Grace Petrie, Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman, Truckstop Honeymoon (USA), Dinamo (Spain), Blue Summit (USA), Blackbeard's Tea Party, Hotel Palindrone (Austria), Jessica Pearson & The East Wind (Can), Katie Spencer, SYA (Netherlands), Alden Patterson & Dashwood, Ida Wenøe (Denmark), Pete Morton, Ranagri, Flossie Malavialle (France), Kim Edgar, Eahbal, Keith Donnelly, Winter Wilson, Mishra, Bird in the Belly, Sunjay Brain Trio, Joshua Cook (USA), The Hunch, Rosenblume, Manière des Bohémiens, The Activators, The Hardy Band, Isembard's Wheel, Hickory Signals, Honey & the Bear, Cut Throat Francis, The Jig Doctors, Lizzy Hardingham, Sam Brothers, Clarke Camilleri, Huson-Whyte, Phoebe Warden, Silk Roots, 3 Sticks, Folk Camps Party Band, Minster Ceilidh Band, Ryan Farmer Trio, Johnny & the Raindrops, Dan the Hat


Gretchen Peters (USA), Lindisfarne, Cara Dillon and Special Guests, The Young’uns, Nine Below Zero, Dallahan, The Furrow Collective, Habadekuk (Denmark), Kris Drever, Lil' Jimmy Reed Band (USA), John Smith, The Fitzgeralds (Can), The Destroyers, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, The Outside Track, Sunjay, Luke Jackson Trio, Blair Dunlop, Truckstop Honeymoon (USA), The Boxcar Boys (Can), Martin Harley, Vikki Clayton, Rory McLeod, Luke Daniels, James Keelaghan & Hugh McMillan (Can), Banter, English Contra Dance Band, Tautas Roks, Higgledy Piggeldy Band, Ol Savannah (Can), Urban Folk Theory, Winter Wilson, Ranagri, Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno, Jeff Warner (USA), The Rogue Embers, Harbottle & Jonas, Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow, Dinamo (Spain), Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley, Don Mescall (Ire), The Shackleton Trio, Mongoose, Keith Donnelly, Josh Okeefe, Ellie Ford, Benjamin William Pike, The Life & Times of the Brothers Hogg, Seas of Mirth, The Rye Sisters, Joshua Cook (USA), Johnny and the Raindrops, Dan the Hat


Jon Boden, Kate Rusby, Daphne's Flight, Blazin' Fiddles, Le Vent du Nord (Can), BOC (Spain), The Changing Room, Chris Smither (USA), Megson, The East Pointers (Can), Megan Henwood, Attila the Stockbroker, The Ooks of Hazzard (USA), Jim Moray, Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, Ranagri, Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley, Jess Morgan, Grace Petrie, Les Barker, Keith Donnelly, Alden Patterson & Dashwood, Sheelanagig, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Banter, Monkey Box, Vertical Expression, Cloudstreet (Aus), Reg Meuross, The Rubber Wellies, James Edwyn & the Borrowed Band, Jack Harris, The Vagaband, Idiot & Friend, Winter Wilson, She Shanties, Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band, Wookalily, Jason Maverick, Edd Donovan, Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra, The BeauBowBelles, Gnoss, Tannara, Katie Spencer, Wayward Jane, The Life & Times of the Brothers Hogg, Maniere des Bohemiens, Wholesome Fish, The Leen Valley Band, Robert Nottingham, Theo Migeon (France), Ofelia, Kadia, Omnivibes, Strawberry Jammers, Ursula Holden Gill, Johnny and the Raindrops, Minster Ceilidh Band


Hayseed Dixie (USA), Show of Hands, Eddi Reader, Kila (Ire), False Lights, Moulettes, Jackie Oates Trio, Mawkin, Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, The Ooks of Hazzard (USA), The Jeremiahs (Ire), The Henry Girls (Ire), Mick Ryan & Paul Downes, Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys, Vishten (Can), Meaghan Blanchard, The Full Attack Band, The Penny Black Remedy, Flats and Sharps, The Corn Potato String Band, Winter Wilson, The Teacups, Pete Morton, Keith Donnelly, Heretique, Bella Gaffney, Ange Hardy, Echo Town, Rosenblume, Gilded Thieves, James Edwyn & the Borrowed Band, Mr Tea & the Minions, Jim Evans, Same Streets, Cheshire and the Cat, Tiger, Something, Someone, The BeauBowBelles, Jake Burns, Maniere des Bohemiens, Will Finn & Rosie Calvert, Seth Bye and Katie Griffin, Bric a Brac, Na Mara, Whiskey Bob Shaker, Swing Gitan, Ritchie Parrish Ritchie, Two Coats Colder, Greg Russell, Platform, Steve Bliss, Nina Zella & Tim Walker, Not Now John, Rob Barratt, The Killer Bees, Bud, Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley, Isembard's Wheel, Jill & Bernard Blackwell, Dan the Hat & DJ Bobble, Bruce Airhead


Clannad (Ire), Billy Bragg, Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, Simpson, Cutting & Kerr, We Banjo 3, BOC (Spain), Andy Cutting & Chris Wood, Chris Wood, Manran, Artisan, Urban Folk Quartet, Baghdaddies, The Young’uns, The Railsplitters (USA), Glorystrokes, Coco and the Butterfields, The Tweed Project, Pickled Image, Simon Care, Cloudstreet (Aus), Keith Donnelly, Flossie Malavialle, The Hot Seats (USA), Anthony John Clarke, Mark Frazer, Dan the hat, Ranagri, Maia, The Rheingans Sisters, Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne (USA), Granny's Attic, The Portraits, Scott Cook and Jez Hellard, The Good Host, Blind Willies (USA), Floot Street, Clutching at Straws, Skunk Boy Project, Worry Dolls, The Rusty Suns, St John Street Theatre, Kings and Folk, Threaded, Edd Donovan, Seth Bye and Katie Griffin, The Moonshine Serenaders, Liam Robinson, Sephty, Steve Bliss, Dark Horses, Chris Sherburn, ARKangel,


Treacherous Orchestra, Feast of Fiddles, Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson, The Bills, Caladh Nua, The Soujourners, Ben Waters Band, Vin Garbutt, The Poozies, Martyn Joseph, Blackbeards Tea Party, Moya Brennen and Family, Bella Hardy & the Midnight Watch, Polly and the Billets Doux, Woody Mann, The Kennedys, Cupola:Ward, The Henry Girls, Keith Donnelly, Paul Pigat Trio, Mischa McPherson Trio, Skippers Alley, Jim Causley, Crossharbour, Jeff Warner, Beau Bow Belles, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies, Estonians, Hatful of Rain, Alex Roberts, John Connolly, Maia, JC & Angelina, The Dovetail Trio, Steve Hicks & Lynn Goulbourn, Shadrack Tye, Alex Cumming, The Chaplins, Madi Stimson, The Tundra, Sera, Jasper in the Company of others, GraceSarah, Liam Robinson, Jim Widdop, Bella Gaffney, Steve Bliss, Ray Baguley, Andy Cowling, Hex, Winter Wilson, Floot Street, Pete Grassby, Maniere des Bohemiens, Marc Block, Major Oak Chorus, Becky Syson, Doohickey Wire Band, Johnny and the Raindrops, Minster Ceilidh Band


Oysterband, Eliza Carthy & Jim Moray, Show of Hands, Home Service, Habadekuk, Genticorum, Roddy Woomble, Gordie MacKeeman, Faustus, Rura, Niamh Ni Charra, Monster Ceilidh Band, Pilgrims Way/Monkey Box, Tim Edey and Brendan Power, John Doyle, Noisy Oyster, Flossie Malavialle, Lucy Ward, Heretique, The Henry Girls, Matt Anderson, Dan the Hat, Tony Wilson, Pete Morton, Winter Wilson, Steve Tilston, James Findlay and Alex Cumming, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Jez Hellard, Lowri Evans, Rip Roaring Success, Luke Jackson, Jess Morgan, Chloes Passion, Infinite Cherries, Sunjay Brayne, Liam Robinson, Jack Harris, Maccaferri Club, Chuck Pinkett Quintett, Galloway, Culbert and Doyle, Goat Roper Rodeo Band, The Open Road, Fabian Moore, Paul & Liz Davenport, Jasper in The Company of Others, Bella Gaffney, Jackson/Walker, Bouviers, Acushla, Jill & Bernard Blackwell, David Latto Band, Niall Kelly, Gallows Ghost, Paradise Circus


Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson, The QP, Blair Dunlop, Isla St Clair, Calan, Katherine Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Toy Hearts, Dougie Maclean, Breabach, Lucy Ward, Fay Hield, Tri, Kerr and Fagan, The Wilsons, Melrose Quartet, Remnant Kings, Brass Monkey, John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Jacques Stotzem, Groanbox, Beoga, Martyn Joseph, Karine Polwart Trio, Le Vent du Nord, Fay Brotherhood, Harry Bird and The Rubber Wellies, Maniere des Bohemiens, The Bonny Men, Grupo de Cordas, Jed Grimes, Seven Little Sisters, The Go Set, Georgie Rose, Butler Family, Vertical Expression, Little Ian, Troy Faid, Sam Proctor, Steamchicken, Scior Staged, Anna Elias, Keith Donnelly, Minster ceilidh band, Muha, Blue Horyzon, Stephen Langstaff, Bouviers, Kip and Dave, Luke Barton, Jay Walkers, Sherwood lads, Liam Robinson, Richard and Jess Arrowsmith, Johnny and the Raindrops, Acushla, Stormy Weather Boys, Philip Cockerham, David Gibb and Elly Lucas, Niamh Boadle, Kate Denny and Simon Routh, Nothern Monkey, The Broom Hill String Band, Stu Hunter and Hilary Waterfall, Pete Grassby, Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Blue Horyzon


Eddi Reader, Danu, Baka Beyond, Daimh, Jamie Smith's Mabon, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Devon Sproule, Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton, Belshazzars Feast, John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, Chris Sherburn and Denny Bartley, Tickled Pink, Ramshacklicious, Steve Phillips, Goronwy Thom, Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson, Pete Coe, Idiot and Friend, The Penny Black Remedy, Keith Donnelly, The Young 'Uns, Viper Central, Father Teds, Pilgrims Way, Anthony John Clarke, 4Square, Cupola, Jeff Warner, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, Sue Hart (Baka Beyond), Tri, The Portraits, Under the Driftwood Tree, Mick Ryan and Paul Downes, Butler Family, The Hooleys, Manieres des Bohemiens, Winter Wilson, Liam Robinson, Emma and the Professor, Na Mara, Jezz Hall, Jack Blackman, Jessica Lawson, Marc Block, Down Trodden String Band, Inlay, Richard and Jess Arrowsmith, Rich Dytch &Terry Kelly, Nigel Beck, No Fixed Abode, Cecille Grey, Jim, Helen and Rob, Boothill Toetappers, Stu Hunter and Hilary Waterfall, Pete Grassby, Belzebub


Ukulele Orchestra of GB, 4 Men and a Dog, Julie Fowlis, Demon Barber Roadshow, Vin Garbutt, Wheeler Street, Rory McCleod, Tom McConville Band, Grannies, Dynamos Rhythm Aces, Frazer Hooper, Peeping Tom, Cock and Bull Band Ceilidh, Keith Donnelly, Megson, The QP, Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley, Benny Gallagher, John Smith, Kimbers Men, Ben and Joe Broughton, Cockersdale, Clive Carroll, Mick Ryan and Paul Downes, MC Wyndbagge, Anthony John Clarke, Flossie Malavialle, Brian Peters, Carrivick Sisters, Phil Hare, Wholesome Fish, The QP Ceilidh (Liam), Roger Sutcliffe, Steamchicken, Horses Brawl, Sheffield Folk Choir, Steve Hicks & Lynn Goulbourn, Steven Finn, Acushla, Bouviers, Lucy Ward, The Rainmakers


Show Of Hands, Eliza Carthy, Martin Simpson, Lau, Seiku Keita Quintet, Maire Ni Cathathsaigh & Chris Newman, Mawkin Causley, Young'uns, Reg Meuross, Wizz Jones, Gwyneth Herbert, Moonlighting, Pete Morton, John Richards, Hex, Jim Causley, Keith Donnelly, Jackie Oates, Reg Meuross Band, Flossie Malavialle, Whaley and Fletcher, Eric Bogle, 4 Square, Steamchicken, Hekety, Crowfoot, Eddie Walker, Kevin Brown, Becky Syson, Nigel Beck, Tina Taylor, Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews, Acushla, The Old Dance School, Martin Sumpton, Julie Collings, The Carrivick Sisters, Stitherum, Workshy Profits, Jenna Witts, Andy Whittle, Twelfth Day, Stealing Sheep, Barron Brady, Ewan McLennan, Jim Widdop, Leen Valley Band, Charlotte Cottam, Aistaguca, The Hooleys, Jinski, The Bouviers, Heretique, Pica Pica.


Bellowhead, Rachel Unthank & the Winterset, Solas, Cara Dillon, Stanley Accrington, Winter Wilson, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Tanglefoot, The Omega 3, Jezz Hall and his band, Cloudstreet, Simon Jackson, Simon Hopper Band, Hilary James & Simon Mayor, 10 O'clock Horses, Anna Elias, Fieldwork, Gareth Pearson, Maire Ni Chatasaigh & Chris Newman, Flossie Malavialle, Benji Kirkpatrick, Akushla, Quicksilver, Bouviers, Leen Valley Boys, Rich Dytch, Six Hands In Tempo, Kerfuffle, Ruth Notman, Bob Fox, Something Nasty In The Woodshed, Bill Caddick, Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching, Belzebub, Brooks Williams, Carmina, Helen Morris,


Kathryn Tickell, New Rope String Band, John Tams & Barry Coope, Vin Garbutt, Norman Waterson, Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy, Malinky, The Demon Barber Road Show, The Doonans, John Kirkpatrick & Mr. Gubbins' Bicycle, Nancy Kerr & James Fagin, Vikki Clayton, Johnny Dickinson, Pete Coe, Winter Wilson, Gareth Peterson, Colvinquarmby, Something Nasty in the Woodshed, Stanley Accrington, Anna Elias, Six Hands in Tempo, Gren Bartley, Loman, Andy Caven & Friends, Rich Dytch, The Bouviers, Trilogy, Mick Lawlor, Pete Smith & Chris Williams, Hex, 10 O'Clock Horses, Waffal, Tangata, Salmagundi, Calm Down, Sensible Shoes, John Kirk, Charlotte Cottam Band, Steve Bliss.

4th to 7th July 2024

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