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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We've sorted out the timetable for some of the things happening outside the main stages, so can share information on workshops and sessions to give you a good reason to bring your instuments along to GTSF 2023...


If you want to take part in the Tuneworks sessions, it is a good idea to downloaad their Tunebook in advance here - their 2nd edition 2023.



​10:30-11:20 Dave Wilson’s Songwriters Forum. A chance to get together with other songwriters or would be songwriters and discuss ideas.

11:30-12:20 Bouzouki, Mandolin & Tenor Guitar Workshop with Jon Doran This workshop will explore GDAD tuning for Irish bouzouki, mandolin and tenor guitar Jon will focus on song and tune accompaniment for four-course instruments, exploring different picking and strumming patterns and how it can be a base for countermelodic accompaniment.

​14.40:15:30 Rhythms & Styles Workshop with Ben and Niamh of Helian Experience the joy of creating melodies and harmonies together, regardless of your musical background. Unleash your creativity as we explore a diverse range of instruments, rhythms, and styles. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a curious beginner, this workshop is designed to celebrate the beauty of collaboration. All instruments welcome...

17:50-18:40 Tune Workshops- Improvers’ Session


11:00-12:00 Tune Workshops- Beginners’ Session


11:00-12:00 The Rye Sisters Singing Workshop

Whether you want to learn the secrets of traditional bluegrass harmony or just fancy a good sing, join the Rye Sisters' singing workshop for a super informative and totally joyous time! No matter what your level of experience, Ishani and Sue will soon get you harmonising to some toe-tapping tunes.


11.00-12.30 Children’s Band Workshop. Beginner’s workshop will provide guidance and the chance to try a variety of simple instruments. Bodhrans, mini melodeons. penny whistles and ukuleles will be available to play.



10:30-11:20 Lauren South Scratch Fiddle workshop Come along and have a go at the fiddle, even if you’ve never tried before – there will be instruments to borrow and Lauren will get you playing within the hour.

14:10-15:00 Dave Wilson’s Songwriters Forum

15:10-16:00 Tune Playing Workshop with Juniper Learn to play and develop a traditional tune with Juniper! Over the course of the workshop the band will bring an entertaining and energetic approach from a wide array of folk and classical traditions, together with input from the group, we will work collaboratively to learn and arrange a gig-ready track! 16:10-17:00 Blues Guitar Workshop with Rhydian Wyn

“Open tunings and bottle neck techniques for acoustic and resonator guitar are essential for authentic delta blues, bluegrass and modern acoustic blues. Join Rhydian Wyn, leader of the Blue Fire Band, as he introduces open D and open G tunings, and demonstrates how to handle a slide effectively to add melody and emotion to your playing.”

17:10-18:00 Tune Workshops- Improvers’ Session


11:00-12:00 Tune Workshops- Beginners’ Session


11.00-12.30 Children’s Band Workshop. See Saturday.


If you’re new to, or want to improve your session playing then check out the Tuneworks Workshops though the weekend. And come and take part in these...

Saturday 16.00 – 17.00, Caistorways will be leading a “mainly shanties” session in the Barleycorn Bar.

Sunday 14.00 – 17.00, drop in to the “mainly Irish” session in the Barleycorn Bar with Sherburn, Bartley and Sanders.

Also, over at the campfire, informal sessions will continue into the night, joined by some of the festival artists to get things going.

A bit about the bars

The Barleycorn Bar: This year there'll be a goodly selection of guest beers in the Barleycorn Bar alongside the core beers – a wider range than in the last couple of years.

The Boathouse Bar: in the Lake Stage arena there'll be another range of cask beers that will change over the weekend. There’s also music and entertainment over at the “Busk Stop” by the Boathouse Bar during intervals on the Main Stage. Acoustic music from festival artists, and later on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, performance slots from our street entertainers, Dan the Hat and Nutty Noah.

Plus, a reminder about new beer cups…

We're introducing souvenir reusable cups this year. These are £2 each and you can take them home at the end of the festival. Alternatively you can bring your own - as long as they're not made of glass!

We've been focusing on environmentally friendly solutions to the glassless glasses problem for years now, and we thought we'd found the answer with compostable cups last year, but in the end they added significantly to volunteer workload, moving and sorting the waste. So this year we're moving to the souvenir option. We've found it works well at other festivals and we like having the cups to keep - they are handy for camping, parties and picnics.

That's all for now!

The GTSF Team


4th to 7th July 2024

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