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The Raghu Dixit Project

Announced for Saturday on the Lake Stage, the amazing Raghu Dixit!

Finishing off the Lake stage on Saturday will be the great Raghu Dixit who we've been trying to book for years. No-one gets an audience jumping like he does!

Often hailed as India’s biggest cultural & musical export, his infectious, happy music transcends age, genre, and even language. His music is strongly rooted in Indian traditions and culture and is presented with a very contemporary, global sound.

A unique, energetic, musical experience, The Raghu Dixit Project has played at some of the biggest music festivals around the world; concerts with over 100,000 people in Karnataka; and been featured on some of the biggest music based shows in the world too, including BBC's "Later .. with Jools Holland".

Raghu’s live performances deliver songs in a fluid combination of English, Hindi and Kannada, set to guitars and violin. His influences include blues, reggae, rock, Bhangra, Latin and Sufi, described by The Guardian as the pioneer of folk-rock fusion’.

A Marvellous Sound!

Jools Holland

Raghu Dixit is one of India’s most inventive and charismatic artists

The Guardian

Blessed with a versatile, earthy and soulful voice

Viji Alles, UK Asian

Must hear!

TimeOut Mumbai

Tier 1 tickets are selling fast so get yours here

More announcements soon!

The GTSF Team


3rd to 6th July 2025

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