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Line-up Announcement

Two great acts added today: the brilliant Jon Doran, with a new Trio and exciting Northumbrians, The Brothers Gillespie.

The Brothers Gillespie

Described by Folk Radio UK as "weaving an especially compelling magic’, and 'showing British acoustic music in its best possible light", the music of Northumbrian duo The Brothers Gillespie is animated by lyrical songwriting, fine fingerstyle guitar playing, multi-instrumental musicianship and "the glorious tones of their blood harmony" (Sam Lee). They'll be playing Saturday and Sunday.

Jon Doran & the Northern Assembly

Jon Doran & The Northern Assembly are a ground-breaking new collaboration that seek to capture the excitement that lies within traditional song and breathe new life into old stories from the British Isles. The trio formed with a desire to introduce these songs to new audiences by injecting the energy they feel these narratives deserve.

Consciously moving away from the conventional folk song performance style, the trio rely upon their vastly dissimilar musical upbringings and experiences to conjure emotions and communicate a story far deeper than the words of the song. With striking vocals from Jon Doran (BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Finalist 2019) combined with the virtuosic playing of instrumentalists Heather Ferrier (Balter) and Jordan Aikin (Pons Aelius), Jon Doran & The Northern Assembly never fail to take their audience on a journey that explores the full spectrum of human experience.

"Absolutely superb, what a singer, what a violin player and what a bouzouki player. I sat and watched Jon’s performance and thought ‘I wish I was that good"

Greg Russell

More news coming soon!

The GTSF Team


3rd to 6th July 2025

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