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Isembard's Wheel

Updated: May 4, 2019

They played here in 2015 and they're back with a new line-up.

"Powerfully poetic band of fiery folk heroes performing stirring original music inspired by lives lived under the wings of the great Naturalists and Romantics - from hunt-sabbing to hawk-rearing, and all lead by the mad westcountryman Alexander "Fox" Isembard. It's Folk... And Then Some.

Isembard's Wheel released their first full-length album, "Common Ground", in 2017 to much critical acclaim and are looking forward to bringing us a new release in the Summer, inspired by a long career in ecology and the places where passion and place intertwine, entitled "Long Run The Fox, Long Fly The Lark". Watch this space!


3rd to 6th July 2025

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