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"Folksy Bluegrass from the wilds of New Mexico, with a barbed lyrical punch" Americana-UK

Gritty gospel-infused Americana from Hoth Brothers who are over from the USA and calling in at GTSF to play on Friday and Saturday.

The pandemic largely put paid to UK visits from overseas artists, but we're finally starting to get back to normality, though there are still complications for artists coming from the EU or wanting to combine UK and EU tours. Hoth Brothers join Tom Russell from the US and Veronica Sbergia & Max De Bernardi from Italy announced so far, and we've another BIG international act to announce in the next few days.

Also on the bill so far, Dog Show Session (the brilliant collaboration between Show of Hands and Track Dogs), Nine Below Zero, Morton Valence, and Martin Harley and his band. These are the first of over 50 acts expected to be announced.

So there's plenty more good news on its way!

See you soon

The GTSF Team


4th to 7th July 2024

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