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Early Bird warning + 2 more acts announced

We've just announced two more acts, but first just a quick reminder that you can save ££s on Early Bird tickets. There's been a bit of a run on them, and we expect to be on tier 1 in a few days. Tickets here.

Tom Russell

We're really happy to announce Tom Russell for Saturday. His is a name that more people in the UK should know about. Rolling Stone, for example, has called him “the greatest living folk-country songwriter.” Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti has said he’s “Johnny Cash, Jim Harrison, and Charles Bukowski rolled into one.” David Letterman, meanwhile, once joked, “Isn’t he the best? I’d like to quit my job and travel with him…if the money can be worked out.See his page here

Morton Valence

It's as if we've made a conscious decision to announce a second act who deserves a bigger UK following: also playing will be the London duo Morton Valence.

Just about the most intriguing band on these shores

The Guardian there is no one operating across quite the same terrain as they do

Classic Rock One of the great mysteries of the 21st century is why Morton Valence aren’t better known

Mojo Magazine

More announcements coming soon!

The GTSF Team


4th to 7th July 2024

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