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A Trio of Trios Announced!

Updated: Feb 22

A few more names being added to the bill now, including, most recently, three very different trios.

The Shackleton Trio

Last here in 2022 and before that in 2018, The Shackleton Trio are a highly original and energetic musical force just as likely to move you to tears as to move you to your feet.

Frequently referred to as one of the hardest working bands on the scene, The Shackleton Trio are Georgia Shackleton (fiddle, vocals), Aaren Bennett (guitar) and Nic Zuppardi (mandolin). Natural talents of the folk tradition, their self-penned material blends seamlessly with their imaginative yet authentic re-workings of traditional folk standards, influenced by British, American and Scandinavian folk traditions, with a regional twist from the group's native East Anglia.

Slack Bird

Slack Bird is a folk-punk collective from Jyväskylä, Finland. Their music is based around the banjo with fiddle and accordion, and the sound is distinctly their own: Appalachian banjo, Finnish traditional music, and punk songs sung in both Finnish and English. They come to us as a trio and they will certainly liven up Sunday at GTSF.

"Slack Bird create something here apologetically unique that is very approachable. Music like this becomes a shining light in a sea of imitation. To the Trad Folkies and Crust Punks alike, Slack Bird manage to straddle seemingly distant genres effortlessly and with aplomb"  FATEA Magazine

Thomas Bradley Project

Although we are not sure yet whether the Thomas Bradley Project will be here as a trio or a duo, we know they'll produce something memorable. Liverpudlian Thomas Bradley is a folk rock artist writing and producing original music for the genre. Lyrically, the songs tackle the social issues of the day while also delving into the lives of ordinary people - their labours, challenges and victories. What sets them apart though, is the lightness of touch and the beauty of the melodies, both instrumentally, and through Thomas's voice.

There are also a few other names we've recently added to the bill, and you can check them all out here. And tier 2 tickets won't last for long, so book yours now here and save a few pounds.

That's it for now!

See you in July

The GTSF Team​



3rd to 6th July 2025

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