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Dan The Hat

Ours and everybody else’s favourite street theatre artist! A globetrotting entertainer who has performed all over the world in such exotic locations as Australia, Barbados, Canada, Kuwait  Thailand and of course Southwell.

Regulars will remember his “Ring of Fire” and “London Bus Jump” shows from previous years. Whatever Dan has planned for us you can bet his quick wit and on-the-button 'improv' silliness will be a sure fire hit. 


"An infectious mix of Mirth, Mayhem & Manipulation" -  Glastonbury Festival. 

"Fantastic , he held a crowd seamlessly, I can't recommend him enough" - Arts director - Larmer Tree Festival.

"A fantastic mixture of silliness and skill that kept the crowds entertained constantly" -  Wychwood Festival.

Johnny & the Raindrops

Twangin’ on a guitar! Bangin’ on a drum! Look out everybody ‘cause here come …
Johnny and the Raindrops play jump-up-and-down-rocking-and-rolling-can’t-sit-down-best-time-ever music for cool kids and funky families. They write lively and original songs that get children (and grown ups) dancing and moving, singing and grooving.

The Nottingham-based band have released seven albums of innovative and original music for children, plus a greatest hits album Best of the Bunch, and a DVD ‘No Sleep ‘til Sherwood’.

Walk the Lines - Storytelling

Original and classic stories brought to life by Mark Fraser, a Southwell regular and favourite.

Mark creates his own stories as well as adapting classic folk tales and songs. He has written and illustrated numerous books and travels all over the UK telling stories to children, families, adults and just about anyone who is prepared to listen.


Not always a “stick and a stool” storyteller, he likes to leap around, crouch, bend, fall over and stand on his head, (though that rarely happens).

Mark uses puppets, props and costume to present his stories, most of which are handmade, lending a certain air of fragility as though everything is held together with a thread and a glue gun (which it is!).


Jan's Van

She's back! Loved by children of all ages and sorely missed for the last few years, Jan Edgecombe and her famous Blackboard Van return in 2021. Face painting, dressing up and scrawling over that van, Jan encourages  participation, through self expression and enlivening experiences and generally letting kids be kids!

Toddle Bops & Baby Bops

Our on-site Children’s Festival Co-ordinator Becky Syson, has been involved with the festival for a good number of years and besides providing valuable assistance and advice throughout the year to ensure we have a great children’s programme, provides her own Toddle Bops and Baby Bops sessions for the very young.


These aim to encourage confidence and learning, expression and creativity in a fun light-hearted way through music! As Becky says, “We all love music and through it we can engage with our little ones even before they can walk or talk!”  Join Becky Bops for songs, rhymes and musical fun for Babies and Toddlers


Fire Circle

This year we'll be introducing a camp fire, in association with "Forest, School for All". All sorts of round-the-fire activities for all ages.

During the day there'll be cooking demos, drop in games and crafting, outdoor skills workshops, for all ages, and into the evening for toasting marshmallows, popping corn, improvised entertainment, singing, storytelling, games, competitions, crafts or just for a warm-up and a chat.

Pre-bookable three-legged greenwood stool and small plank table making workshops are available between 10 and 12 daily. 

From 2 to 5 pm daily. Family fun, games, crafts and outdoor skills with the ‘Forest, School for All’ team.

Drop-in games and self-directed mini crafts freely available all day.

As night draws in there'll be campfire sessions hosted by Winter Wilson, featuring artists including Tom Lewis on Friday and Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson on Saturday.


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