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"Intimate, introspective, and picturesque, Helian's music radiates a warmth that invites you in. Helian are a four-piece folk band based in Leeds, U.K, blurring the line between modern ethereal sounds and folk that spans everything from guitars and cellos, to fiddles and harps."

Having all been making music from their early days, each member of Helian brings a unique pool of experience and talent into the project.  Taking influence from the folk traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia, their sound pivots between smooth, shimmery and atmospheric, whilst they explore stories surrounding location, love, loss, nature, the human experience, and family. You may have seen them at GTSF 2022 and they'll be here for the full festival this year.

Rhiannon (vocals & flute), Che (guitar), Ben (cello), and Niamh (harp), met at Leeds Conservatoire, where they all graduated in music performance.

4th to 7th July 2024

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