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Intimate, introspective, and picturesque, Helian's music radiates a warmth that invites you in. They are a five-piece folk band based in Leeds, U.K, blurring the line between modern ethereal sounds and classical instrumentation that spans everything from guitars and cellos, to fiddles and harps.

Consisting of Alana Middleton (vocals and fiddle), Rhiannon Kelly (vocals and flute), Che Bradley (guitar), Ben Matthews (cello and fiddle), and Niamh Flynn (harp), the quintet met at Leeds Conservatoire, where they are all currently in their final year before graduation. 


Taking influence from the folk traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia, their sound pivots between smooth, shimmery, and high-octane atmospheres, while exploring stories surrounding location, love, loss, nature, the human experience, and family.

Having all been making music from their early days, each member of Helian brings a unique pool of experience and talent into the project. Through music, they translate thoughts into something that can actually exist outside of them, allowing a true sense of self-expression that in return can bring positive change in people, help people through difficult times in their life, and create an aura of peace and togetherness in this world.

Ultimately, Helian aims to share their music with as many other people as possible, while connecting and relating to others in the process.

As well as performing as a 5-piece, the group has 3 separate duos also joined by Ruben Maric on piano, which will play as part of the emerging artist showcase on the Frontier Stage on Friday.

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