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Hase Waits

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Hase Waits, an innovative folk music trio, are on a mission to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity through their enchanting blend of traditional instrumental music. Comprising of three musicians – Hannah Bainton, Heather Thomas & James Thomas. 

Born out of two sisters, a friend and a shared passion for preserving and revitalising traditional instrumental musical, they embarked on their musical journey with an aim to bring reels, jigs, waltzes and many more to a contemporary audience. The trio also throw into the mix their own compositions, choosing sets and songs that work well and complement one another. 

The trio's name, formed of two words - ‘Hase’ being the name in the Domesday Book of the town that the band was formed (Hessle) and ‘Waits’ the name the town musicians were called in medieval times. 

Hannah & Heather, the sisters, draw inspiration from Celtic music. Growing up surrounded by musical influence from their mother Liz, they developed a profound love for traditional music, by attending sessions in pubs, playing with the family band ‘Shiftipig’ or playing the Great Highland Bagpipes in ‘The City of Hull Pipe Band’. Their expressive playing styles capture the essence of the old while injecting a fresh vitality into the new. 

James (the engine room) brings a new take on rhythm and backing to folk music whilst still paying homage to what came before. His intricate style of playing adds a dynamic layer to Hase Waits' sound, creating a tapestry of rhythms that transport audiences to another time. 

Whether playing in intimate folk clubs or on larger festival stages, the trio captivates audiences with their infectious energy, beautiful harmonies, atypical instrumentation and a profound respect for the musical heritage they embody. 

4th to 7th July 2024

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