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Food and drink 2024

A great selection of food and drink again this year to keep you coming back for more.

First though, a heads-up for the new bar arrangements. We're introducing souvenir reusable cups this year. These are £2 each and you can take them home at the end of the festival. Alternatively you can bring your own - as long as they're not made of glass!

cups tx background.png

We've been focusing on environmentally friendly solutions to the glassless glasses problem for years now, and we thought we'd found the answer with compostable cups last year, but in the end they added significantly to volunteer workload, moving and sorting the waste. So this year we're moving to the souvenir option. We've found it works well at other festivals and we like having the cups to keep - they are handy for camping, parties and picnics.


The tastiest pizza with their own recipe Sourdough base and homemade and homegrown Ingredients, from their garden, from the hedgerows. Homemade pestos, pickles and chutneys all feature as toppings.

Chef Stef

Mac'n'cheese, skins, falafel and fries - suberbly loaded with pulled pork, chicken, salads, chillies and more.

Somtam Street

Somtam specialise in Thai and pan-Asian street food. This includes Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Halal products - all handmade by the owners.
They've recently been awarded one of the top ten takeaways in Greater Manchester.

Ginger & Blue

Ginger & Blue Travelling Coffee Co. is a speciality coffee company within a vintage Renault Estafette van. Great coffee, cake and hot chocolate.


Situated in the indoor market, Holbakes sells cakes, cupcakes, cake slices, traybakes, scones and more

Crepe Lucette

Flour, eggs, milk and a little je ne sais quois...theres something quite
extraordinary about Crêpe Lucette. More than simply a delicious crêpe,
Crêpe Lucette offers a unique dining experience with sumptuous flavour
and vintage style assembled with mouthwatering French style crêpes.


Finger-licking vegan & vegetarian street food. The taste of India has arrived in the UK, 'straight from the streets of Mumbai', to challenge your taste buds.

Moor and Coast

Whitby fish and chips, burgers, breakfasts and more

Cocoa Caravan

Has a hot chocolate ever disappointed? That moment when you’re enveloped in steam and full of expectation, then...a lingering grainy residue and watery thin chocolate delivery. What you’re missing is The Cocoa Caravan, to make not just a great hot chocolate experience but a memorable festival too! Also serving artisan coffee and tea.

The Bar

Here's the main (Barleycorn) bar menu from a couple of years ago. We're working on this year's selection now. This year there'll be a goodly selection of guest beers in the Barleycorn Bar alongside the core beers.

There is also the "Boathouse Bar" again in the Lake Stage arena there'll be another range of cask beers that will change over the weekend.

bar menu southwell v2 small for website.png
bar protocol v3 small for website.png

4th to 7th July 2024

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