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Food and drink 2022

A great selection of food and drink this year (and the return of Moor & Coast)! 

Chef Steph

Superb loaded mac'n'cheese and skins

Crepe Lucette

Flour, eggs, milk and a little je ne sais quois...theres something quite
extraordinary about Crêpe Lucette. More than simply a delicious crêpe,
Crêpe Lucette offers a unique dining experience with sumptuous flavour
and vintage style assembled with mouthwatering French style crêpes.

Somtam Street

Somtam specialise in Thai and pan-Asian street food. This includes Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Halal products - all handmade by the owners.
They've recently been awarded one of the top ten takeaways in Greater Manchester.

Mashed Tea

Another regular - all kinds of tea, fresh filter coffee, cakes and snacks

All Wood Fired

All Wood Fired are a family owned business, specialising in traditional Neapolitan style pizza using fresh seasonal ingredients and traditional Italian meats and cheeses. The dough is handmade, ultra thin artisan style. Pizzas are freshly prepared and cooked in a wood fired oven, made to order and cooked in less than 90 seconds. Enjoy!

The Fritter Shack

Vegetarian and Vegan fritters, dahl and salads - think Indian mains with a salad bar that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Middle East.

Moor and Coast

Whitby fish and chips, breakfasts and more

Coffee Bike

Fresh barista coffee and juices

The Bar

Here's the main bar menu from 2021.  This year there'll be a covered seating area at the bar as we all missed it last year when Covid meant we just had a servery.

There will be a smaller "Boat House Bar" again in the main stage arena with a few guest beers too.

bar menu southwell v2 small for website.png

How to order...

bar protocol v3 small for website.png

Tickets Now on Sale

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