Dance at GTSF 2022 - here's a reminder of what was on

There's loads of dance to see and take part in this year. Late night ceilidhs make a return, in the folk stage. There's the procession in town on Saturday and loads of sides performing on site. See a video of sides at GTSF 2021 at the bottom of the page.

The first of the ceilidh bands is Rum Ram Ruff who have played widely in Sheffield and Derbyshire since 2014. Tim Fearon (flute), Emily Irving-Witt (fiddle), Dave Sissons (tenor banjo) and Mike Carney (guitar) are joined by Stephen Bollom (bodhran and flute). They play a wide range of tunes for a lively, danceable sound. They'll be playing the ceilidh late on Friday evening.

The late night Saturday ceilidh is with Blackbeard's Tea Party

On Sunday morning (10.30am) Filkin's Ensemble will lead a ceilidh, also in the Folk Stage.


On Saturday night Blackbeard's Tea Party will be moving over to the Folk Stage to give it their all!  Read more about them here.


As for Morris, here are the sides booked so far for 2022. There will be a dance Procession at 11am along King St in Southwell, from The Saracen’s Head to The Burgage, followed by dancing on King St. until 2.30pm. The rest of the dance programme takes place on site.

First Feet

Founded in 1985 Feet First are the UK’s longest running Appalachian Dance Team. They perform traditional Appalachian steps choreographed into performance dances in much the same way as the American Appalachian teams do. The dances themselves have a wide variety of influences e.g. Ballroom, Irish, Greek, clog, Morris and jazz. With their own band, the dancing is high energy, fast and fun.

Lady Bay Revellers

Before you ask, Lady Bay is a beautiful suburb of Nottingham nestling in a bend of the river Trent adjacent to Trent Bridge cricket ground and the City Ground, home of Nottingham Forest. Formed in 1992, the side dances Cotswold and initially only took dancers from Lady Bay but now welcomes everyone and draws on members from across the East Midlands.

Mortimer's Morris

Mortimer's Morris is an energetic women's side from Nottingham who’ll tantalise you with a modern twist on North West Morris, whilst the famous Mortimer's Band tickle your ears with sounds from across Europe. In their trademark ornate purple waistcoats, Mortimer’s kit stands out from the crowd

Rattlejag Morris

Retford’s Rattlejag Morris is a mixed side aimed at reviving and developing a local dance tradition. They dance Plough Morris, taking inspiration from the local ploughboys of the 19th century. They each have their own colour ribbon and face paint and perform broom, bacca pipe, and sword dances amongst many others unique to the group.

Stone the Crows

Stone the Crows are a Border Morris side from Leyland in Lancashire. They are very much part of a living tradition with a reputation for their lively and entertaining dancing. Some of the dances they perform are traditional, collected from the counties along the Welsh border, while others demonstrate a modern collecting and sharing of tunes and dances between fellow Border teams.


All the way from sunny Northamptonshire, the Witchmen are looking forward to frequenting a real beer tent and helping to prop up the bar! In between times, they will be dancing on the festival site and in town. It is now their 36th year in existence - still as energetic and mysterious as ever – with a band to match! Come and take a look!

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