Dance at GTSF

We have a smaller dance programme this year, but we're pleased to host some great sides and the Saturday procession in town will take place as usual, unless something gets in the way at the last minute.

Here are the sides for 2021.

Harlequin Morris

Exciting, energetic and uplifting for both dancers and audience members. Harlequin Morris are a lively young dance side formed back in June 2013 by a small group of friends from around the country. Their aim is to learn and dance more difficult and challenging Cotswold Morris traditions in a polished manner

Lady Bay Revellers

Lady Bay Revellers Morris were formed in 1992 and have gone from strength to strength, practicing during the winter months, learning new dances and polishing up old ones. They are a mixed team and have a very active and varied calendar and social life, dancing throughout the year at local and charity events and festivals around England.They tour with other Morris teams and every summer we dance internationally. They dance Cotswold Morris in the following traditions: Bledington, Bampton, Fieldtown, Ilmington and Oddington plus numerous others during the summer, and Border and Molly during the winter months when we’re recognised in our colourful rag coats and painted faces.

Mortimer's Morris

Mortimer's Morris is a lively women's side based in Nottingham. They perform Morris dances from the North West tradition with enthusiasm and style. With a distinctive kit and band, Mortimer's Morris had become a familiar sight throughout the country and aims to promote North West Morris for future generations. Whilst it has been challenging to practice this year, they have a socially-distanced dance which has been shares across the UK and further afield.

Rattlejag Morris

Rattlejag Morris is a local mixed side dancing from a tradition of Plough Morris based on dances from Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and East Yorkshire. In some dances rattles are used, others use brooms, sticks, ‘baccapipes’ or swords. Each member of the side uses a different colour paint and ribbons to give the whole group a multi-colour effect. Local dance tunes accompany their dances.


The Witchmen dance Morris from the Daarkside where pagan ritual dance meets street entertainment. Traditional border morris dances originated in the Welsh border counties, we have mutated that style to create dances which are exciting, entertaining and relevant to 21st century audiences. We preserve the morris tradition and entertain audiences.
The way an old man half remembers performing a dance in 1898 does not define it for all time, that was just a stage the tradition passed through which was relevant to its time. We are part of an ongoing morris tradition which will only survive as long as audiences enjoy watching it - for over 35 years The Witchmen have been making sure that happens.

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