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Daytime and late night ceilidhs, morris dancing in Southwell town centre, dance workshops and more...


Late night on Friday on the Folk Stage, Melrose Ceilidh Quintet will show you how it's done.  On Saturday night it's Cambridgeshire’s Frog on a Bike, often described as “The flat lands’ finest folk-rock ceilidh band”; and on Sunday morning, blow the cobwebs away with Juniper, and their bold, intriguing, traditional and contemporary sounds.


Dance Sides performing on site and in Southwell - including the rousing procession at 11am along King St - get the bus in but please wait until the dance sides have made their way on the first couple of double-deckers.  Dancing will continue on King St until 2.30pm, then sides will perform on the festival Dance Stage from 3.15pm to 5pm.

On Sunday there'll be more dancing on the Dance Stage from 10am to 11.45am and from 1pm to 2.45pm.

The dance sides appearing this year are:

First Feet

Feet First are the UK’s longest running Appalachian Dance Team, performing traditional steps choreographed into performance dances in much the same way as the American Appalachian teams do, with many influences like Ballroom, Irish, Greek, clog, Morris and jazz: high energy, fast and fun.

Flash Company

Flash Company are a mixed side from Otley, West Yorkshire, formed in 2000. They perform many self-penned Border, Molly and Appalachian dances in their distinctive black and yellow tatters to more modern tunes, including blues and jazz.

Golden Star Morris

Golden Star Morris is an inclusive morris
dancing side based in Norwich. We perform
dances from the Cotswold tradition using
hankies and sticks. We take pride in our
quality of performance and practise hard to
put on a good show for our spectators,
while simultaneously trying not to take
ourselves too seriously and have lots of fun!

Mortimer's Morris

Mortimer's Morris is an energetic women's side from Nottingham who’ll tantalise you with a modern twist on North West Morris, whilst the famous Mortimer's Band tickle your ears with sounds from across Europe. In their trademark ornate purple waistcoats, Mortimer’s kit stands out from the crowd

Rattlejag Morris

Rattlejag Morris, from Retford, is a mixed side dancing Plough Morris, taking inspiration from the local ploughboys of the 19th century and using material collected from East Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Individual ribbons and facepaint gives the side a vibrancy as they perform a variety of dances; some include swords or brooms; almost all unique, and with rarely heard local music.

Slubbing Billy's

Slubbing Billy's are a mixed North West Morris side with a distinctive purple, woollen kit and fresh flowers in their bowler hats. They are based in Slaithwaite - a mill village in the Colne Valley in the West Yorkshire Pennines.

Whip The Cat

Whip the Cat are an inclusive and diverse team that can be found tip-tapping around the pubs of Nottingham and beyond, they are on the prowl in Southwell to provide exciting high energy performances.


The Witchmen – still giving it large with their unique and energetic dancing at festivals up and down the country. Driving, drum led music combines with the magical colours of black and amber for a primal, rhythmic performance.
They are regular visitors to the Gate to Southwell Festival and are looking forward to another great time in 2024.

4th to 7th July 2024

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