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Artist Applications - Apply Now for 2024

Artists can apply by emailing

We love rootsy music, and we don't like pigeon-holes. We do like a mix of styles and tempos - we need some artists to get the crowds jumping as well as more contemplative stuff. These are just words though, please get in touch: broadly anything rootsy covering folk, blues, ska, Celtic, world, punk, country, Americana, jazz etc could be what we're looking for.

We have three main stages, plus a few slots on informal acoustic "busk stops" on site. There is a local artist showcase on Thursday night for East Midlands' artists,


Because of the number of applications we receive, we may only be able to respond if we are able to offer anything.  We have a team which reviews every application sent in, and there's no need to follow-up your application or to resend it. It may take a while for us to get back to you but sadly we can't promise to feedback to everyone.


Please make sure you include links to live performance videos (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo). We're unlikely to book you if we haven't see you live (on video or in person)


We will review studio-recorded material too, so please send online links to that as well (e.g. Spotify, Soundcloud etc). You can also send CDs to the address on the contact-us page.  We prefer online media rather than CDs or attached files, as it can be accessed by all of us more easily. Attached files may not get through spam/virus checkers.

4th to 7th July 2024

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