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The Activators


The Activators are an 11-piece band whose eclectic style transcends Ska, Reggae, Celtic, Punk and Dub, even venturing into Balkan folk and Tango! Their energy, style and liking for utter mayhem have led to them becoming regulars on the live music circuit in the UK, and indeed at GTSF.


They have raised the roof from Iceland to Italy, and across the UK from Tyneside to Taunton and Carlisle to Camden, sharing the stage with many great acts, and with

countless festival performances including six performances at Glastonbury over recent years and being repeat bookings for the last five consecutive years at Boomtown.


The band’s latest releases ‘Hanging with the Hoi Polloi’ and 'Straight Bananas' showcase their diverse sound.


One thing is for sure, when The Activators walk on to any stage, things start to get very interesting! They'll be doing that here on Sunday night on the Frontier Stage.

4th to 7th July 2024

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