Track Dogs

track dogs2.jpg

Sun-shiny songs thriving on dark themes behind irresistible rhythms.


The band take their name from the maintenance teams working the subway tracks in New York City. These teams have to look out for each other and are a closely-knit group much like the band of four ex-pats living in Madrid who came together in 2011 to make their unique brand of acoustic music. 

Eschewing the typical band line-up they have opted for cajón (flamenco box drum) instead of drums and trumpet as the solo instrument. Four-part harmonies steal the show.


In 2016 they scored 2 hit radio songs in Ireland with “Love Me Like You Used To” and “To The End”. Their track “So Much Dust” spent 10 weeks on the Irish national radio playlist and has been lauded by critics far and wide.


“…genre-busting acoustic music built around folk, Americana and bluegrass…an album that will delight established fans and gain them plenty of new ones”
RNR, magazine July 2018, UK

“This band turned out to be a total discovery, with vocal harmonies on a par with groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America or the most melodic style of, for example, the Eagles mixed in with the graceful irreverence of The Pogues.”
Renacer Eléctrico Music Magazine, Spain

2nd - 5th September 2021