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Tarren are an ambassador for high quality, English Folk music. Through the incorporation of minimalist musical forms into traditional-inspired material, Tarren are producing music that draws the listener in, weaving intricate themes throughout tunes and songs that have the pulse of traditional dance at its heart.


Tarren is made up of Bristol-based artists Sid Goldsmith (well known in the duo with Jimmy Aldridge and Awake Arise), Alex Garden (better known with The Drystones, and in a duo with Harriet Riley) and Danny Pedler who we saw here in 2021 with Greg Russell performing Field & Dyke. They combine cittern and concertina, fiddle, and accordion.

"The sounds of fiddle and viola, cittern and English concertina, and accordion and hurdy gurdy have rarely sounded better, nor as much fun, as they do here – a testament to the talents of the trio and a confident and welcome signifier that English folk music is in very safe hands"

Folk Radio UK

"A mini folk supergroup...there’s foot-stompery at play here, the likes of which I’ve not heard since the mighty three-piece, Faustus, took a trip to Grimsby"

Trad Folk

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