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Stone Jets

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Singer Given Nkanyane and guitarist Manfred Klose are the core of the Stone Jets, who first played Southwell in 2021. From South Africa originally, they've been slowly crafting their distinct music: mbaqanga guitar rhythms of Cape Town and the vocal expression of Atlantic soul. It's a potent mix. Together with a simple yet substantial melodic songwriting style and strong live performances, they've become a formidable force.

Stone Jets have supported Stelth Ulvang (of The Lumineers) during his SA tour in 2016 and James Morrison on his debut tour of South Africa in 2019. A major career highlight is the One Side Acoustic gig that Stone Jets played sharing the stage with the late great South African jazz trumpet legend, Bra Hugh Masekela and Majozi.


In 2018 they toured nationally and then internationally for the first time to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Having been well received by British audiences, Given and Manfred decided to relocate to London a year later. After a pandemic hiatus they released "I Will Rise Again", timely, though funnily enough it was penned before Covid. NYC Atwood Magazine said of it “Stone Jets have woven a sweet song of perseverance and staying power – of fortitude and inner strength – right when we needed it most.

In early December 2022 they bolstered their recorded work with EP 'Live in West Hampstead' together with a drummer (Adrien Latgé) and bassist (John Schaffer).  Live In West Hampstead is a celebration of life before and after the pandemic and the navigation of a new normal and definitely worth a listen before catching them at GTSF.

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