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Slack Bird

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Slack Bird combines the best sides of the deep south and the cold north putting together classic Appalachian banjo playing and the dark melodies of drony Finnish traditional music. Hailing from Central Finland, Slack Bird has toured around the world from the clubs of New York to mud huts in German forests and everything in between. Slack Bird has released three full length albums, a bunch of singles, and a couple of EPs. Playing shows with various Slack Bird incarnations from one man banjo act to a full blown big band with horn and string sections, Slack Bird is coming back to the UK after five years as a 3 piece folk band with the 5-string banjo, button accordion, and cello..

"Slack Bird create something here apologetically unique that is very approachable. Music like this becomes a shining light in a sea of imitation. To the Trad Folkies and Crust Punks alike, Slack Bird manage to straddle seemingly distant genres effortlessly and with aplomb"  FATEA Magazine

4th to 7th July 2024

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