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Rory McLeod

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Rory McLeod has played Southwell twice before (2010 & 2018) and joins us for Sunday in 2023.


He's a British folk singer-songwriter and his career's included fire eater and circus clown, with performances including storytelling in the tradition of the traveling minstrel or troubadour, and playing a wide range of instruments including guitar, harmonica, trombone and his personally-made stomp box.


"The charismatic British storytelling troubadour, proved to be very entertaining as he tripped passionately through highly original and distinctive self-penned material. Rory is a confident conversationalist."

Beat Magazine, Melbourne


He's also previous winner of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for “Best Live Act”.


"Rory McLeod was another revelation ... He also proved to be a risk-taking performer leaving the Tinely stage during a harmonica piece to walk among the audience, completing the tune without the PA system!" Dirty Linen, Womad Festival, Toronto


WOMAD UK have said: “With Rory McLeod, you get the music of the world in one suitcase… You can hear flamenco, calypso, blues and Celtic influences in his music, all wrapped together in an inimitable style”. Winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for “Best Live Act”.


Rory says, “I sing for all ages, I’m not trying to be different, the next ‘new’ thing. It seems that the rebellious nature of music has always stood to challenge the old order but there are ‘young-old’ folks and ‘old-young’ folks who have been fighting all their lives for the same things.”


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