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Focus on Fun for GTSF Kids

The family and kids’ events are taking shape now.

Top of the billing is everybody’s favourite street theatre artist, Dan the Hat. A globetrotting entertainer whose quick wit and on-the-button 'improv' silliness will be a sure-fire hit. Back this year after a break will be Jan’s Van – fun, games and puzzles - or simply grab some paints and decorate her van for the journey home!

New for 2021 is the campfire circle where you can get involved with cookery, crafts, storytelling and singing. Also new, Bubbly Maths’ Caroline Ainslie whose 3D balloon Fractal holds the Guinness World Record. A fun and educational show with lots of balloons and bubbles.

There’ll be a host of regulars too. Johnny and the Raindrops to get the kids rocking, Mark Fraser, bringing original and classic stories to life, and Toddle-Bops and Baby Bops for the very young.

If you missed your fix of live music in 2020 then the festival will top you up nicely! For more information and tickets visit


4th to 7th July 2024

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