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Damien O'Kane & David Kosky to replace Wizz Jones

Sadly Wizz Jones cannot now make the festival but We are happy to announce, new to GTSF, Damien O'Kane will be playing on Friday with long-time collaborator David Kosky.

Damien's a singer. A very good one, too, with a relaxed, assured vocal style that exudes a natural warmth and empathy with the colourful characters who occupy his songs. He’s also a brilliant banjo player. And a fine guitarist. And an ingenious arranger. Not to mention an accomplished tunemaker, researcher, bandleader and accompanist of rich imagination and fearless vision. You may also know him as husband of Kate Rusby!

We're sorry to lose Wizz (hopefully he'll be back next year) but buzzing with the introduction of Damien and David and a bit of banjo and guitar action!


4th to 7th July 2024

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