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Veronica Sbergia & Max De Bernardi


Well-known musicians in the international blues scene, respected in their own right individually, together, Max and Veronica, they are truly something special. With just their voices and a few acoustic instruments, this delightful duo has assembled an extraordinary repertoire of American Roots music from Country and Folk, to Ragtime and Swing, from Gospel to Blues and vice versa. But above all, their musical narratives are so evocative and their attention to tradition so faithful, that your senses will be instantly captivated as you take an unforgettable journey through the musical history of the southern states of America during the 1920s and 1930s.


The songs and stories may be steeped in the past, but their music is alive and made for modern eyes, ears, hearts, souls and minds. Their concerts are designed  Both for an attentive audience who love to learn something while having fun and and for dancers too! 


MAX DE BERNARDI: Vocals, acoustic guitars

VERONICA SBERGIA: Vocals, washboard, baritone ukulele


We had them booked for the doomed 2020 festival, and it's taken us a few years for their schedule to line up with our dates but we've managed at last!

They're playing Thursday's Blues Night on the Lake Stage along with Nine Below Zero and Martin Harley and his band.

When it comes to knowing about Americana these two are right up there! ... Max is a very accomplished guitarist and a strong vocalist; Veronica plays a mean washboard, ukulele and possesses a strong vocal styling

Mike Vernon 

"Veronica and Max were brilliant as ever. Max is one of the best guitarists we’ve ever seen and Veronica’s voice was just wonderful and really took the crowd along with her. They all loved them!

Pete Christian The Big Wheel Blues Festival

Tickets Now on Sale

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