The Maitree Express

The Maitree Express is a 7 piece band from Bath/Bristol, influenced by roots music and playing reggae, ska, hip hop, funk, swing, drum & bass and beats to get you moving!


Out of sheer drive and passion for live and new music they wanted to try and form a band that could play all the styles we love best in a live and original setting.

A band came together and has continued to form from likeminded individuals, bringing a fresh outlook and sound to live music. Making forward thinking, feel good and thought provoking music that brings people from all ages, faiths and backgrounds together. Whilst having a tonne of fun in the process. 

Now a few years in a few festivals under their belts they have lived up to their original promise and play uplifting and original music which will be sure to get you dancing.

2nd - 5th September 2021