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One of our most popular acts on their two previous visits (2012 & 2017) Le Vent du Nord are celebrating 20 years on the road in 2022 and are now a five piece (rather than 4).


The award winning and highly acclaimed band is a leading force in Quebec’s progressive francophone folk movement.  The group’s vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions, while enhancing it’s hard-driving soulful music (rooted in the Celtic diaspora) with a broad range of global influences.

Featuring button accordion, guitar and fiddle, the band’s sound is defined by the hurdy-gurdy, which adds an earthy, rough-hewn flavour to even the most buoyant dance tunes.

Since its inception in August 2002, Le Vent du Nord has enjoyed meteoric success, performing well over 2,000 concerts over 4 continents and racking up several prestigious awards, including a Grand Prix du Disque Charles Cros, two Junos (Canada’s Grammys), a Félix at ADISQ, a Canadian Folk Music Award, and “Artist of the Year” at Folk Alliance Annual Gala.


A classy & rousing set by Quebec Folk heroes

The Guardian

"The mighty Le Vent du  Nord, augmented by fiddler Andre Brunet who joins the band from  fellow Quebecois heavyweights, La Bottine Souriante, bring forth a timely exploration of unification and collective cohesion in their tenth album, Territoires. (…) Listeners are particularly  spoilt by ‘Cotillon du Capitaine’, a set of tunes that meditates on an uplifting  melody before exploding into sparkling  piano embellishments which take us to an entirely unprecedented territory."

RnR Magazine ★ ★ ★ ★

There must be few souls alive who could resist Le Vent du Nord’s boundless joie de vivre.  And there was certainly no resistance in Finstown, as the band raised the roof with a jubilant maelstrom of prodigiously bouncy dance-tunes, also featuring hurdy-gurdy, accordion, bouzouki, piano, jaw-harp, guitar and electric bass, garlanded with lustily compelling five-part vocals, which, in one thrillingly throttled-back a cappella number, recalled the numinous, spine-tingling modalities of Gregorian chant (…) With Brunet [André] on board, their sound’s scale and intricacy are fast evolving into fresh dimensions, manifest in some sets’ looser, boldly freewheeling arrangements; in lashings of red-blooded honky-tonk brio, and in umpteen insouciant virtuoso flourishes, like one medley’s cheeky wee disco-funk intro, dashed off on fiddle, jaw-harp and fat bass licks.
Folk radio UK

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