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Lauren South

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Lauren played in 2022 and we've actually seen her a couple of times since - so we're really pleased that's she's coming back in 2023.

She's a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose self-penned and traditional songs have gained her a reputation as one of Warwickshire’s finest up and coming folk musicians. Tenor guitar, fiddle and shruti box provide backing for songs full of emotion and imagery, inspired by Lauren’s love of the night sky, nature and family life.

"I love Lauren's voice! It has a distinctive and unique beauty that allows her to turn every word she sings into a kind of magic formula"

Reg Meuross


"Enthralling, intricate, pure crystal vocal lines… some of the most beautifully melodic vocal lines I’ve heard"

The Woodman Folk Club

3rd to 6th July 2025

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