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The Kris Drever Band

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One of Scotland’s finest and most acclaimed songwriters, Kris Drever, has been working with a really special group of musicians over the last few years, mostly in the studio. He says: "it’s time now to share these wonderful people and the experiences they create with as wide an audience as possible, because they’re fabulous". GTSF is the only English festival booked, giving you the chance to be amongst the first to see them in a festival setting.

Alongside Kris, The band also features Louis Abbott, a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitars, keys) and vocalist who is best known for his work as the front man of Scottish Indie collective Admiral Fallow; Euan Burton his long time co-producer (studio adult) and absolutely stellar double bassist; and Rachel Lightbody, a highly prized Jazz singer who also excels in her work on backing vocals.

Having got together increasingly frequently in recent times for various TV and online performances, they've worked up a broad variety of their own material and found a route into new arrangements of songs from across Kris's back catalogue. "The upshot of all this is that it’s time to take this fresh sound and retrospective collection on the road." says Kris.

Kris himself is a skilled guitarist who adroitly blends traditional folk and flat picking with more contemporary influences – allied to a distinctively relaxed and poised vocal burr – Drever is an astonishingly fine interpreter of others’ songs, with an increasingly frequent knack for concocting seriously smart lyrical observations and earworm melodies of his own. He's also a 2-time winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. 

Sets the standard for others to follow - Kris Drever is a serious talent


Immense yet ultra-supple sophistication, musicianship of the first order... a breath of fresh air

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