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Kabantu is a collective from Manchester, each born in a different country, who unravel new marriages of music in a globalised 21st century. 


Kabantu means "of the people" - stemming from the South African philosophy of Ubuntu: "I am who I am because of who we all are". 

They are a band of virtuosi wielding an expansive sonic arsenal; originally classically trained, they draw on an intricate palette of colours curated from their own wide listening to collaboratively write original music influenced by folk music from around the globe. The sheer musicianship of each member, an exhilarating collective unexpectedness and an infectious joy on stage is mind blowing, cultivated by a shared immediacy of expression forged by total trust.

They released their eponymous debut album "Of the People" in 2018 winning critical acclaim from the Guardian, Songlines Magazine and FRoots and their second, entirely original album "Freehand" in 2022 with support from the PRS Foundation and Help Musicians UK.


first-rate musicians..really exhilarating...a very worthwhile and different approach
FRoots Magazine


"the playing was exceptional from each member"
"an ambitious global range..all sing as well as they play, switching from scat to powerful harmony"
Robin Denselow, World and Folk Critic, The Guardian

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