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Good Habits


Good Habits are an award-winning UK folk duo forged on the other side of the globe.


Composed of Bonnie Schwarz (cello + vocals) and Pete Shaw (accordion), the pair mix vivid storytelling with eclectic sounds, drawing on their diverse musical tastes and weaving them into an action-packed narrative of folky goodness. After a pandemic spent happily stranded in New Zealand, they returned to the UK to spread their stories of adventure and existential optimism.

Upon their homecoming in Oct 2021, as Purbeck Rising Winners, they launched their album 'Antipody' with a homecoming tour to kick off their UK chapter. They can be touring relentlessly around the UK and Germany in their red van, Laurie Vanderson, collaborating with musicians across the country (and internationally, as part of the Global Music Match Programme).

"A captivating set of highly original songs… there’s rare emotional warmth and fullness to Good Habits' sound.’’

Songlines (★★★★)

This duo has an infectious energy and joy that's impossible to resist''

Folk Radio UK 


Revved up folkies with great energy and spirit

13th Floor (★★★★★)

You’re the palest man I’ve ever met

Lenny Henry

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