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Filkin's Ensemble

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Filkin’s Ensemble, billed as "Birmingham’s premier folk supergroup", is the bold vision of Seth Bye and Chris Roberts' "Filkin’s Drift". This new ensemble, fronted by singer Ellie Gowers, brings together 15 (yes 15!) of the UK’s finest young folk musicians in an adventurous collaboration.

The ensemble explores British folk traditions through the lens of the diverse metropolitan hub that is Birmingham. Their contemporary arrangements of traditional folk repertoire combine a string quartet, brass section, guitars, and orchestral percussion along with Ellie’s lucent vocals. Drawing heavily from classical, jazz and folk traditions, their distinctive style of ‘orchestral folk’ forges a new path for folk music.


The ensemble features a string quartet, brass section, orchestral percussion, jazz and saxophones.

Ellie Gowers (vocals)

Guitars - Chris Roberts, Harry Thorpe

Strings - Seth Bye (fiddle), Sean Morrison (vln), Mahalia Edwards (vln), Emily Dore (vla), Flora McNicoll (vc)

Wind - Michelle Holloway (recorder), Kaethe Uken (clarinet), Aaron Diaz (trumpet), Oli Parker (tenor sax), Fraser Birchenall (baritone sax)

Rhythm - Dan Cipicco (bass), Alexander Henshaw (percussion)

You may have seen quite a few of these names already at GTSF, and so it's fantastic that they're coming here to play one of their first festivals.

There will also be performances by members of the ensemble in other guises, including The Seth Bye Trio, Filkin's Drift & Thorpe and Morrison.

Tickets Now on Sale

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