Fellow Pynins

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Fellow Pynins is an award winning contemporary folk duo from Oregon, USA, making a quick visit to the UK and stopping by GTSF on Friday and Saturday...excellent for us!

Dani Aubert and Ian Van Ornum have a keen and bucolic sense of vocal harmony and song craft. The live performance is a whimsically emotional escapade through the chasms of our, yes, feelings.. Dashed with spontaneous and clever banter, mirth and woe, you will probably cry and laugh, a lot. Wielding claw-hammer banjo, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, and acoustic guitar the duo sings predominantly original music as well as reworked traditional ballads gathered from their travels.  They are preparing to release their sophomore album "Lady Mondegreene" - an album dedicated to their reworked traditional balladry - in winter of 2022.

According to Fatea Magazine, between them they cover a range of instrumentation which is pure old-time country blues with the intriguing bonus of Dani's highly original sounding 'voice sung into a banjo' - not something you see or hear every day.

Fellow Pynins will transport you into their haunting and beguiling world of love tales and spine tingling harmonies… They will have you travelling far and wide to hear them again"

Lisa Dunn BBC

Folk Music with a hefty touch of whimsy

Bob Boilen (NPR)

"Outstanding harmony singing on a recording full of love

Froots Magazine

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