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Dog Show Sessions

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Take six voices, add fiddle, Cajon, trumpet, banjo, guitars, bass and mandolin. Season with sun-soaked Latin rhythms then throw in a West Country heartbeat and you have an unmissable collaboration between folk legends Show of Hands and the Madrid based Irish American roots quartet, Track Dogs.

Show of Hands are seasoned headliners at GTSF. They've unequivocally become one of the leading forces in British folk. Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are respectively recognised as one of the UK’s best singer songwriters and one of its finest multi instrumentalists. Without frills or fanfares they have carved a unique niche built on a carefully constructed cottage industry and become one of the most in-demand bands on the circuit.


Track Dogs (Garrett Wall, Dave Mooney, Howard Brown & Robbie K. Jones) blew us away in 2021 on two of our stages. The quartet bring heritage from Ireland, the UK and the USA to fuse folk, Latin, Americana and bluegrass for a unique and dynamic sound. Steve Knightly says “Track Dogs are by far the best harmony group I’ve heard outside of America. Every single one of them is a lead singer.” 

The 6-piece band is all about energy, fun, melody, improvisation session-style and they really pull it off, generating a rhythm of their own. Six voices with a collective mentality that really works.


You really shouldn't miss this on Friday night on the Lake Stage.  Track Dogs will also be playing a set earlier in the day on the Folk Stage.

Show of Hands: “Formidable operators in the roots arena. A class act

The Independent

Track Dogs: “One of the great strengths of Track Dog’s music is the eclectic mix of genres they so successfully blend…It’s far easier to identify it as the “Track Dogs sound” than it is to tease apart individual elements
Folk Radio UK

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