Dance your way through the festival this year!

A great programme of dance as ever - this year, as well as an enhanced Hoofers indoor dance venue, we will be clearing the chairs in the Folk Stage for late night ceilidhs on Friday and Saturday.



1900-21.00 in Hoofers - 3Sticks with caller Patrick Rose

3sticks are highly regarded favourites on the UK Ceilidh and festival circuit .

The band are Jenny Newman - fiddle,  Pete Hemsley - drums and Andy Glass - guitar/bass pedals, and play a wide range of music from the British Isles and Europe.

22.00-24.00 in the Folk Stage - Euro Bal, with Hotel Palindrone


13.30-15.30 in Hoofers - Minster Ceilidh Band, family ceilidh

19.30-21.30 in Hoofers - Folk Camps Party Band with caller Gordon Potts 

22.00-24.00 in the Folk Stage - Blackbeard's Tea Party with caller Patrick Rose

Folk Camps Party Band -  mixed generations and mixed abilities making distinctive folk music together that is both musically satisfying and good to dance to. There is a core of 4 professionals combined with teenagers young kids and grandparents making up a 18 piece band - fantastic tunes with a funky rhythm section and great brass and sections.
Folk Camps Party Band had its first outing at Chippenham Festival last year. To call it a success would be an understatement. The reception from festival organisers, dancers, fellow musicians, sound crew and general public was positively overwhelming.


10.30-11.20 in Hoofers - Basque Dance Workshop, with Korrontzi

11.30-12.20 in Hoofers - Cajun  Dance Workshop, with Sarah Savoy

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