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Bella Gaffney

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Bella Gaffney (of The Magpies) is a folk troubadour whose music seamlessly weaves together original compositions and traditional tunes from both British folk and Americana traditions. Winner of the prestigious 2016 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award, Bella is celebrated for her folk-inspired songwriting and unique arrangements of traditional pieces.

In 2023, Bella released her latest album, 'Reflections,' which beautifully captures the essence of connections formed during the lockdown period. Her singles, 'Fair and Tender Ladies' and 'Blood in the Earth,' featuring duets with Sam Kelly and Leesa Gentz (Hussy Hicks), received widespread acclaim and BBC radio airplay.


Apart from her solo endeavors, Bella is a vital member of the folk band The Magpies, lauded as 'effervescent' by The Sunday Times. The Magpies have garnered national and international recognition, including a live session on BBC Radio 2 and hosting an annual sold-out festival.

Bella's live performances are a captivating journey through folk storytelling, leaving audiences with earworm melodies, foot-tapping rhythms, and smiles from her off-beat humour. Her work has been praised by critics and fellow musicians alike, with Americana UK calling her album "a compelling collection" and Mike Harding hailing her as a "great singer, great guitarist, [and] really interesting songwriter." The Daily Mail describes The Magpies music as "folk with finesse."

4th to 7th July 2024

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