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An Dannsa Dub

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Coming to the Frontier Stage late at night - something to get the pulses banging, 

Scotland's An Dannsa Dub. The concept is the brainchild of dub vocalist & producer Tom Spirals and Scottish traditional musician Euan McLaughlin who formed the 6 piece live band in 2020. They fuse the mystical energy and instruments of traditional Scottish music and Gaelic song, with the heavy, meditative, driving basslines digital dub music..

Born from a love of traditional Scottish folk, dub reggae and dance music, together they summon the joyous, communal energy of a cèilidh and a sound system session.

Their name comes from the Gaelic for “The Dub Dance”. Their sound celebrates the ancient Gaelic and West African rhythms that influenced reggae, which in turn, via sound system culture and dub’s pioneering remixes, produced modern dance music. Their live shows and recordings are a seamless, pulsating fusion of all this and more.

Nominated for best live act at the MG Alba Trad Music Awards 2023 and also for best live act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2023 (they may yet win both!).

The An Dannsa Dub EP was nominated as Best Original Work in the 2022 Scottish Traditional Music awards. 

There haven't been many opportunities to see them live yet - but looks like a late night diversion to the Frontier Stage will be well worth it!

4th to 7th July 2024

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