Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson

Alistair Russell (guitar, vocals) has been singing and playing Scottish and Irish music, and his own songs, for over 40 years, chiefly as a member of Scotland's legendary Battlefield Band from 1984 to 1997.

Chris Parkinson (melodeon, piano, accordion, harmonica, keyboards, vocals) has  worked with Billy Connolly, Steve Phillips, John Wright, Martin Simpson, Richard  Grainger, Pete Morton & Maggie Boyle,  and Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy. 

Together they play Irish and Scottish music with a great sense of fun. Both players realised some time ago that lots of excellent material had passed out of currency through overuse. But a whole new generation of young Celtic music
fans was eager to hear what were, for them, new songs and tunes. In a nutshell, the folk process. They also play newer songs by well-known writers and by Alistair himself. Chris's wide musical tastes as heard on his solo recordings, and his own compositions, are also represented.

Expect a wealth of great anecdotes too, as Alistair is also here promoting his new book "Can't Do This On My Own", a light-hearted gallop through 40 years as a travelling musician - a life-affirming memoir of someone who's taken things as they've come to him, with no particular plan to follow. You can get a copy from his website here:



2nd - 5th September 2021