The festival is a not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers, who give their time freely in order to stage “the UK’s biggest little festival”.

Sad Fact – The Festival receives hardly any public sector funding  and will have to be self financing for the foreseeable future.

Good News – Fortunately, due to very prudent financial management in the early years, we are currently in a position to operate and develop the Festival.

BUT we need your support to ensure the long term viability of the festival

We are looking to identify local businesses and individual patrons who are interested in working in partnership with us to promote and develop the Festival for the benefit of the Southwell community.

The Festival brings over 3000 people into Southwell for up to 4 days and the commercial benefit to the town is significant. Notwithstanding the enrichment it brings to the town’s cultural experience.

If you are interested in talking to us about financial or ‘in kind’ sponsorship – either as a corporate/business sponsor or an individual patron please email.

For a list of current supporters and sponsors please see under the “Info” tab, or click here

Gate to Southwell Festival