Artist Applications & Open Mic

For Open Mic entries – see below

Artist Applications

Artists can apply by emailing

We do review every application sent in, and so there is no need to follow-up your application or to resend one you have already submitted. Unfortunately, because of the number of applications we receive, we can only contact you if we are able to offer anything and can’t provide feedback.

We prefer online links to music and videos, as these are easier to pass on to the reviewing team, rather than attached files (which may not get through virus checkers) or CDs. However CDs can be sent to the address on the “contact us” page.

Open Mic

The Open Mic competition is open to anyone with a ticket to gain entry to the festival, but slots are limited.

To prioritise your application for a slot, please use the form below. The competition is open to those who don’t pre-book too,  but space cannot be guaranteed.

Once inside the festival, you should go to the Barleycorn Stage in the Barleycorn Bar Marquee to complete your registration.

Open Mic Application Form

(Only for Open Mic acts)

Open Mic Application
Gate to Southwell Festival